Golden Flask Synthetic Urine Kit

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine with Uric Acid has been on the market for a long while and has a proven track record of accuracy. We know of no one has failed yet using this wonderful product. It comes from the makers of the Whizzinators and Whizz Kits. I have been selling their products for years now and have had wonderful success on all.

The Golden Flask  comes with:

-One premixed personal Golden flask filled with over 4 oz of synthetic urine.

-One heat pad to help bring the fluid to a life-like realistic temperature.

-One set of instructions

-Temperature strip comes pre applied to flask for easy reading. 

DO NOT open the flask until ready for use.  The fluid should be used within 24 hrs of removing the cap.


Category: Detox, Tests

Type: Detox

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