Kind Cache Ashtray

Herbal Innovations - Kind Ash Cache

Herbal Innovation's Kind Ash Cache is the solution to messy ash trays. The high temperature resistant silicon prevents spilling your ashes when you bang your expensive glass pipe or slide against the rubber "Smash" pillar. The stainless steel ash catcher is easy to clean and will last a lifetime.


Ashtray features:

  • Kind Ash Cache by Herbal Innovations
  • Made from Heavy Duty High Temperature Resistant Silicon
  • Includes Rubber Smash Pillar
  • Stainless Steel Ash Catcher
  • Ash Catcher Diameter: 4.00" inches
  • Complete Ash Cache Height: 2.00" inches
  • Label: Kind Ash Cache

    Category: Ash Tray, Kind, Misc

    Type: Smoking Accessory

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